Here's What's In Your Planner Toolbox

Private Family Network

FamConnections provides a private family network for family members to communicate. Members can view the family directory, family news, and the family tree.

In preparation for the family reunion, members can view the Save-the-Date and reunion invitation with the agenda, activity schedule, fees, and payment instructions.

Members can use the photo gallery to share photos from the reunion and create albums to organize and share other treasured family photos. With a private family network, staying connected will be easier than ever!

Family Directory

Remember when you had to call each of your family members to update their contact information? Managing email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses for family members has always been challenging. With our platform, family members can quickly update their contact information on our platform. You will always have the latest info at your fingertips.

Automated Save-the-Date Notices and Reunion Invitations

Gather the family for an unforgettable reunion! With automated Save-the-Date notices and Reunion Invitations from our service, you’ll ensure everyone knows when to come together and celebrate. No more worrying about mailing out paper invitations or making multiple phone calls – just a few clicks, and you’re done.

Automated RSVP Reminders

Family Reunion Planners need to have a good headcount of attendees. Family members forget to RSVP, and planners don’t have time to send reminders. Our automated tool makes this process easy by sending automatic email and text RSVP reminders.

Guest Registration

Keeping tabs on your guest list is easy with our RSVP tracking. You can easily view reports to see who’s confirmed attendance or export the information to Microsoft Excel for a more detailed look.

Reunion and Family Photo Albums

Create and organize a photo album so everyone can upload their favorite family pics then tag your relatives to ensure they don’t miss out on any fun.

Build Your Family Tree

Build your family’s legacy with a family tree. Display relationships between people in several generations. Print the family tree with customized color and style options.

Share Family News Keep Your Family Informed

Share family news to keep your family up to date on important events and announcements. Share updates on the family reunion, graduations, retirement, death notices, and funeral arrangements. You don’t have to gather email addresses to create a “list” – pick the message recipients from your Family Directory. The recipients will receive the notification via email and text, and family members can view the announcement on the Feed.

Tell Your Family's Story!

Build your family’s history online. Share your family’s story with family members on the platform.