Capture Moments, Share Stories, Cherish Memories

With our Family Media Hub feature, you can build your family’s legacy with pictures, videos, and audio. You can create photo galleries to store and share family photos and videos, share media to contribute to a loved one’s memory and create family stories to build and share your family’s history.
The FamConnections platform will open soon.

Create Posts and Share them with Family Members

Stay updated with your family’s activities, stories, and celebrations through the member’s feed.

Create your Own Family Photo Gallery

A digital album to store and share
precious family photos and videos.

Contribute to the memories of your Loved Ones.

Request a family photo story or ancestor tribute, unfolding the family’s rich history.

Discover Your Roots, Connect Generations

Discover a digital world where family connections thrive. Build your family’s legacy, connect with loved ones, and explore your heritage with our Family Trees feature.

The FamConnections platform will open soon.

Create Your Family Tree

Start your own family tree and watch it grow as you invite family members to join and contribute.

Explore Family Groups

Connect with extended family members, sharing and discovering each other’s family trees.

Preserve Family Memories

Enrich your family tree with photos,
stories, and history for everlasting

Reunite Your Family,
Celebrate Together

Easily bring your family together with our Reunions feature. Plan and host memorable gatherings, save reunion moments in a private, safe place.

The FamConnections platform will open soon.

Create Polls & Surveys

Create polls and surveys to gather feedback from family members for planning the reunion.

Manage RSVPs & Attendees

Invite family members to your reunions and track their RSVPs, ensuring that everyone can attend.

Track Payments & Expenses

Track reunion expenses for financial harmony and organized, efficient contributions management.